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Welcome to Deep Blue, one of the UK’s leading providers of telecommunication services.

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Products & Services
  • Telephony Systems

    Traditional Telephone Systems, Managed Hosted Systems - FeaturePlus & Communicator

  • Voice Services

    Outbound & Inbound Calls, 0800/ 0808/ 0844/ 0870/ 0871

  • Landlines

    Business, Analogue & ISDN Line Rental & Installation, IP Lines

Recent News

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  • Case Study – Rural Business Park can really offer it all


    Local Estate invests in superfast broadband network so that its tenants can enjoy the dream of work life balance. Hutton Wandesley Estates offers small to medium size businesses, the opportunity to work in an attractive office environment located in a picturesque and historical village in the heart of North Yorkshire. With strong transport links to…

  • Case Study ‘A Phoenix rising from the flames’ – Old Gipton Fire Station

    Gipton fire station

    Recycling at it’s best from Fire Station to Office Block, Deep Blue are proud to be supplying comms to the old Gipton Fire Station.

  • What our Customers Say – Mark at Live for Today

    Live for today

    Mark, Live for Today says ‘Our company, Live For Today, offer exciting adrenaline fueled activities for all ages. With 4 venues across the UK we needed a phone service that could connect these together. Since joining the Deep Blue network we have been provided with multiple local numbers which perfectly connect to our head office.…