Zen Broadband – Phishing Scam

Some Zen internet customers have reported getting emails claiming to be from Zen. The email states that their service will soon be terminated and gives them a click through link to go to if they do not want to lose their broadband connection.

This is not an email from Zen, it is a phishing scam designed to gather end user data, if any customers do receive this email they are advised NOT to click on the link or give out any of their details. Zen are currently investigating this issue.

Harrogate Internet Problems

We’re getting reports from some users in the Harrogate area of intermittent internet loss, there is work scheduled for the exchange which may be the cause. So far all users who have experienced loss of service have only experienced it temporarily, if you lose service for an extended period of time, or believe that something else is affecting your service, then please call one of advisers on 0844 848 2300.