Advanced warning to our customers in 01423

There are planned exchange works scheduled on Wed 17th Aug that may affect some broadband users in the 01423 area. While the works are being carried out some users may experience a drop in service for 10-15 minutes. If you experience a loss of service for longer than this switch off your router, leave for 5 minutes and then restart it. If this does not resolve the issue then please contact the office on 0844 848 2300

Harrogate Internet Problems

We’re getting reports from some users in the Harrogate area of intermittent internet loss, there is work scheduled for the exchange which may be the cause. So far all users who have experienced loss of service have only experienced it temporarily, if you lose service for an extended period of time, or believe that something else is affecting your service, then please call one of advisers on 0844 848 2300.