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Fully integrated solutions. Lines, broadband, handsets and numbers. One provider, one bill.

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End to end solutions for your business. At Deep Blue we appreciate how difficult it can be to manage your suppliers. Keeping track of who provides you with what, knowing who to contact if something goes wrong. That is why we have spent years building our portfolio of products and solutions to be able to offer you everything to meet your telecom needs. So it’s one provider, one bill.

We have tried and tested our products to make sure they work together seamlessly to give you complete control over your telecoms whether you are a tradesperson who is out in a van all day, to a call centre with hundreds of seats.

Work from wherever

Desktop featuresfor a mobile world

You wait all morning for that important call to come in and when does it happen? Ten minutes before you need to leave for your afternoon appointment! Do you cut your call short, do you delay leaving? Or, with the tap of a button do you send the call from your desk phone to your mobile?

With Horizon Collaborate and mobile integration you can get all the functionality of your Horizon deskphone wherever you are. Pass calls between your devices, put calls on hold, transfer calls, three way calling, it’s all available. You also get great additional features that don’t come with a standard Horizon subscription like video calling and instant messaging.

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