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Local Telecoms Company celebrates Women in Business

Local Wetherby telecoms company salutes women in business again in 2022, by sponsoring The Business Woman of the Year Award at The Yorkshire Choice Awards. An award they have sponsored since the beginning back in 2016.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards demonstrate individuals, groups and businesses in Yorkshire and showcase light can shine through when you least expect it.

George Knapman, Sales Director of Deep Blue said:

“As a Yorkshire business, we are proud to sponsor the Business Woman of the Year category. The Awards are a great demonstration of diversity throughout our County and we’re delighted to be part of this annual event since it launched in 2016. Women entrepreneurs make a huge contribution to the economy and it’s right that we celebrate this”

“After covid cancelled the event last year, we are looking forward to a double celebration in 2022”

Nominations have now closed and winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner Award Ceremony at the Centenary Pavilion at Leeds United, on the evening of Saturday 7 May.

Jo Maltby and Melanie Malcom, the founders of The Yorkshire Choice Awards said “Anyone carrying out a selfless act notoriously don’t look for appreciation, but we think that it is important to highlight and celebrate to give recognition where it is deserved. Without individuals, groups and businesses like this, the world would be a completely different place.”

More information on The Yorkshire Choice Awards can be found on

Find out more information on Deep Blue

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Phone Hacking – an unexpected cost to businesses

Think of phone hacking and you probably think of news reports of newspapers gaining access to the phones of celebrities and politicians to gather information. What you may not think of is criminals hacking into the phone systems of businesses.

Once access has been gained to a company’s network, this can be used to illegally route calls, either to make international calls or even to generate revenue from premium-rate numbers, all at the expense of the hacked company.

Usually, after the companies have closed (often at weekends, bank holidays or during Christmas shut down to help avoid detection) the hackers have gained access to the network and called premium rate (09) and special rate (0871) numbers which they earn revenue from. In some cases, this revenue is used to fund organised crime and terrorist activity. Many businesses are unaware that they are liable for any charges generated during these attacks and that getting this money back is a lengthy process.

A case in America that made it to court uncovered an international criminal gang that had access to over 2,500 PBX’s and had illegally routed calls to the value of $55million dollars. Another case of note, and probably the most high-profile UK victim was New Scotland Yard.

The average call charges faced by a company hit by this type of hacking is £10,000.

As you can see by the figures above, phone hacking is a serious crime and in all cases, we advise affected parties to notify the police as soon as the hack is brought to their attention. The called numbers should also be reported to Ofcom and Phonepay Plus.

As with computer hacking, there are measures to reduce this risk of being hit, however as fast as these measures close one door, the hackers find ways to open another.

One of the main ways access is gained is through services such as voicemail which allow you to dial into a network externally, but there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of this happening. Ensure all ways of accessing your network are password protected (just as you would put a password on your wireless internet network), change these passwords from the system default and ideally update them often, don’t share passwords, make passwords as long and complicated as possible (many hackers have sophisticated methods that can crack passwords 16 digits long) and keep all access codes secure (some victims had calls from individuals claiming to be from telephone companies asking codes to do work on the network or to update their security).

It is also worth considering what kinds of calls you make; does your business need to be able to call premium rate or international numbers? If not, consider call barring features so if your network was compromised, it would be harder for extensive call charges to be built up.

At Deep Blue we take the security of our customers seriously which is why we partner with a number of developers and services to provide additional security to our customers. We use multi-level monitoring systems to track call traffic volumes. These alert us and can even automatically apply outbound call barring should suspicious activity be found.

If phone hacking is something you are concerned about or if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact one of our friendly support staff, 0333 240 9100.


Nothing is going to stop us celebrating this Christmas!

Prepare your business for the festive break now and avoid the last-minute rush!

It’s the time of year when staff holidays, festive shutdowns and events start to fill up your diaries.

It’s worth thinking about what days and hours your office will be open.

What will you do when the office is closed?

Will you send calls to voicemail, leave a message to say you are shut or do you need to divert your calls for emergencies?

Have you thought about how you will notify your customers of your Festive opening hours?

Will your staff be working from home?

Many of our services offer a range of options to manage your calls during this time. Some like InBound and Horizon can even have schedules created so that numbers divert automatically. See our guide for help with setting up schedules in Horizon and Inbound here

Our staff are happy to talk to you about your options for managing your calls over the holidays. We also understand that you can’t always deal with these things by yourself, which is why we are always happy to help you pre-programme any changes.

We just ask that you please let us know as early as possible.

Contact us on 0333 240 9100 or by emailing

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The future depends on what we do in the present…

How we connect in our business has changed dramatically over the last few years and it’s all for the better! With each upgrade, we see faster more reliable speeds.

For something we use so often, it’s hard to believe that we have developed so quickly – long gone are the oversized computers with dial-up connections!

Here’s a brief look at how we have progressed in our world of connectivity.


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

DSL uses copper telephone lines to transmit digital data. It is painfully slow with max download speeds of 20Mbps and max upload speeds of 2Mbps. DSL strangles the digital capabilities of all but the smallest businesses.


FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet)

With FTTC, data runs at lightning speed through fibre until it reaches the street cabinet. Here it is translated into slow electrical signals passing across a copper cable into your building. Speeds are inconsistent, dropping at peak times, and will tend to max out at 80Mbps.


FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises)

FTTP brings full fibre directly to your building. With no copper to slow data down, FTTP networks can easily run at gigabit speeds – that’s up to 1000Mbps and beyond – ideal for remote backups, data heavy cloud services and VoIP.

Offering capacity rich and fit for the future connections, with a core network capable of supporting every home, business, school, mobile and public site with unlimited capacity on day one.

Can you get FTTP yet? Call our team who will find out for you 0333 240 9100

Click here to see how you can connect your business to transform the way you work online.

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Changing Communication Provider – It’s easier than you think

How crucial is telecommunications to your business?

The fact is that having the ability to make and receive calls, access data and line of business applications, and get online is crucial for every small business. And so is value for money!

You should closely monitor how your communication systems are performing, and whether or not you are getting the best deal you can for the best service in the current market. If everything isn’t as it should be, it may be time to change!

A good time to move

With the switch off coming, the chances are you are already thinking about reassessing your telephone supply, and potentially making the move.  

A good rule of thumb for all small businesses is to begin assessment of your communication systems a couple of months before your current contract is due for renewal, particularly if looking at alternatives to a traditional analogue line service. And to never forget that date!

Did you know that you can tell us your renewal date and we’ll remind you when the time is right, providing a no obligation quote, so you’ll have everything you need when it’s decision time.

Where to look for help

Our services are built bespoke to you and designed to make your business communications easier to manage, administrate & cost.

Our team will ensure that you get exactly what you need right now with the capacity to grow as your business does.

Take a look at our services here

Here at Deep Blue we look after the complicated side of things, so you can focus on what you do best, your business.

Call our team to discuss your requirements 0333 240 9100.

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Could your Zoom do with some Va Va Voom?

FTTP has arrived!

Get ready for our fastest, most reliable connection ever. Say goodbye to buffering, bottlenecks and boredom. Say hello to breakneck speed, and enough bandwidth to keep the whole office happy. This is fibre at the speed of light.

Introducing FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)

Whatever you need your connection for, with ultrafast FTTP you’ll do it faster, smoother, more reliably.

From video calls to collaborating with clients, file sharing to cloud computing, this is connectivity built for the future, today.

And when a leased line connection is just out of reach, ultrafast FTTP gives you the high bandwidth, high performance connectivity you need at a fraction of the cost.

Your business benefits

With up to gigabit speeds available – that’s 1000Mbps – you’ll be connected faster than ever. Crystal clear video calls keep you better connected, however far apart you are, file sharing is a cinch and buffering is a distant, long-gone memory.

Call our team today and see how your business can take off.

0333 240 9100

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SoGEA – jargon buster.

You will see the phrase SoGEA used more and more but do you understand what it means and the benefits it can bring to your business? In this article we explain all and in plain English.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

Now, you only need to place one order with Deep Blue for your broadband data service. Traditional phone line installation is not needed, which lowers your costs!

It delivers the same performance and data rates as FTTC broadband, using the same infrastructure and has the same geographic availability, future-proofing connectivity as the UK moves to an all-IP network.

The Benefits

Cut Costs

Because you are only paying for a broadband data connection, your monthly costs will be power as the landline rental cost is no longer included.

Deal with only one provider

With our SoGEA solution everything comes from us and you are no longer tied into a landline contract with someone else.

Increased reliability

We use an established network without the addition of a phone line so the chance of interference or an unstable connection is lower.

Great for homeworking

Having access to the same infrastructure as FTTC broadband gives you peace of mind that when you need to work at home, it won’t be the broadband holding you back!

Future-proof connectivity

The analogue network as we know it has reached its end of life. Everyone will be affected by the switch off, with many exchanges already under notice as the UK prepares for the move to full fibre.

Learn more about how streamlining your services could also save you money, call 0333 240 9100 or email

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How do you keep your business competitive?

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) rapidly halting the world of work as we knew it, we have seen many businesses looking at different ways to remain competitive.

It is every small businesses dream for their company to thrive in a competitive environment, therefore now so more than ever, businesses must move towards a more modern way of working to remain at the top of their game – whatever life throws at it.

Added to this, we’ll be saying goodbye to the old telephone network too when the switch off comes into effect. When you consider that 16 million lines and channels will need to be migrated to alternative products it’s worth starting to look at other options sooner rather than later. See our article on how hosted telephony works here

 Here are our 4 top tips…

1 – Consolidate communications

Landlines, mobile, voice, video, text… Look at consolidating and streamlining them, to deliver a consistent service to customers no matter how they make contact. One provider. One bill.

2 – Simplify collaboration

Empower your employees anywhere and everywhere by giving them tools that support collaborative working. The ability to share information and work on data together allows them to be more productive and helpful to your clients. 

3 – Think outside the office

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, and you need reliable ways to stay connected with your team. Seamlessly communicate using the most appropriate channel at any given moment, no matter where you are in the world. It will also help you to meet employee demands for increased flexible working.

4– Free up IT budget for strategic projects

Take the opportunity to consider how much of your current IT spend is “dead money”, propping up systems that frustrate your employees and limit productivity. What is the cumulative cost of IT spend and lost productivity? This will help you properly quantify the benefits of future investment in comms and collaboration tools.


If you wish to remain competitive in this ever-evolving environment, your company will need to make some necessary changes. Or more specifically, the ability to embrace and support regular change, in line with shifting consumer demands and priorities. The backbone of any such system is your communications, the ability to keep data flowing wherever it is required – and to assist your team to work more effectively and efficiently.

Learn about the benefits and how your business can improve its communication. We offer a no-obligation quote, so what have you got to lose?

Call 0333 240 9100 or email

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How vulnerable is your organisation to downtime or disaster?

Very few organisations can afford communications downtime.

A breakdown in telephony systems could disastrously hinder an organisations’ ability to deliver services to the public effectively, not to mention the potential damage to reputation and trust.

As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. However, many underestimate the scale of their vulnerability to the failure of their communications systems and, as such, might not have disaster recovery plans in place to mitigate the potential damage.

Unscheduled downtime can happen for a number of reasons and disaster can strike at any time.

No-one could have envisaged the affect that the pandemic would have on our businesses, from restrictions to lockdown we really faced the ultimate unknown.

Meaning that planning for potential disruptions by analysing your tolerance for downtime is paramount.

The following questions will help you determine this and what you should consider for an effective disaster recovery solution.

What would happen if there was a power cut?

Power failures can bring an organisation to its knees, shutting down anything from computer servers and phones to lifts and heating. Consider which of your communications systems would be impacted by a loss of electricity, as these are much more common than you might expect, and how you’d ensure calls could still be answered during the disruption.

What would happen if the internet went offline?

Connectivity powers modern working. Most offices require the internet to access cloud-based tools that are key to productivity. How many of these are utilised by your organisation? Which fundamental services would you not be able to deliver without an internet connection and what backup provisions are already in place to mitigate this?

What would happen if a natural disaster struck?

Would you be able to continue to meet your customers needs if heavy rain, snow or winds temporarily closed your site? Would you be able to do so if conditions prevented staff from reaching the office? What remote working provisions do you have in place to enable staff to work productively away from the office?

What would happen if key staff were unavailable?

If only a small number of staff are responsible for handling the majority of calls that come into your organisation, then service could be massively compromised if they are not able to make it into the office. Transport difficulties, illnesses or industrial action can really interfere with meeting planned workloads, and there should be a contingency plan in place for this eventuality.

Understanding your own vulnerability is the first step

If these questions have thrown up some risks you weren’t previously aware of, you are not alone.

There are many organisations that do not have disaster recovery plans in place in the event of unscheduled downtime.

The best way to protect your organisation against this eventuality is to build ‘business as usual’ reliance into your communications solutions. There are a host of preventative measures to help you safeguard your business in the face of a catastrophe.

Call us on 0333 240 9100 and let’s get your business covered, whatever is thrown at you.

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The Importance of Business Communications

The term ‘communication’ is much broader than you may give it credit.

It’s more than talking to each other. Far beyond customer services and employee engagement, business communication embodies everything from your corporate branding to the ethos of your entire business.

Essentially, it’s so important because it’s in everything you do and deliver at once.

Communicating who you are, via carefully detailed brand messaging, builds trust with your customers and employees alike. However, you need to back this process up with an internal communication system that allows employees to sustain this trust externally.

The bottom line is that these internal business processes ultimately become how your business expresses itself. High levels of satisfaction and knowledge in your employees are reflected in their communication skills, whether through phone calls, emails or instant messaging platforms.

Just as communication is naturally within all of us, good communication tools are all around us, too. Once the ethos of good communication is established within a business, it might not take much change at all to channel it through the right tools.

Giving your business the right tools to succeed

Multiple communications channels, such as voice, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing platforms are now readily available, putting every member of staff, as well as every phone, smartphone and mobile device, within touching distance of instant connection to every customer, colleague and piece of equipment.

This technology essentially channels all of these through one platform which any worker in the company can access. As most businesses already operate with a combination of computers, phones and mobile phones, it’s a simple case of connecting them to the one platform.

Here is a snapshot of how we can help your business. As we build your communications to your specific needs you can be sure that you are delivering on all levels.

Telecoms and IT

Whether you want to move your existing services or require new ones to be installed, Deep Blue can project manage this for you.

Lines, SIP & VoIP

From physical to virtual, we have options to suit every need and budget.

Broadband, Internet and Data

From large Business Parks to a single user Home Office, we have a range of Broadband Services to suit all needs and budgets.

Managed Services

Fully integrated solutions. Lines, broadband, handsets and numbers. One provider, one bill.

Structured Cabling

From new installs to repair and maintenance


With a range of options to suit all needs and budgets. One bill, one provider.

Need some advice? Call our friendly team on 0333 240 9100 who can discuss your requirements and assist with the right products to suit your needs.