A message from the Captain

Well, the day arrived on Sunday last, and the weather was kind for the Mascot Gold Cup. This message is to say a very big THANK YOU to the 30 fans who made the trip to the races to cheer on our Superhero, Captain Comms, and particularly to the donations received for our chosen charity: Martin House Children’s Hospice. We set a target of £500, and I’m pleased to say we smashed that figure by raising just shy of £800.

Our Sue Ryder Mascot Gold Cup 2023 page was one of the most successful JustGiving pages last month. Out of thousands of fundraisers, we were in the top 20%. Congratulations to each and every-one of you for raising so much for Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People – you are absolute heroes.

Hero on parade!

So, to the day itself. 81 mascots entered which started with The Mascots Parade, view the parade here. Then some horses did their thing for a couple of races before the Mascot Gold Cup, the highlight of the day. You can see how the race played out here.

Raring to go!

Unfortunately our hero, Captain Comms, was given a massive handicap and was told in no uncertain terms by the race officials that he was not allowed to use any of his super-powers. More like slow, buffering internet rather that the superfast speed the Captain is used to delivering. However, like the gallant hero he is, a top ten finish when last off the blocks was more than commendable. So well done to the thoroughbred inside the costume who took over from the original knackered pit pony!!!

If only he could have used his super powers!

Once again, many thanks for your wonderful support and very best regards,

Ross (on behalf of our superhero, The Captain Comms)

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Are you paying too much for your broadband?

If you’re a customer of BT, EE, Plusnet, Sky or TalkTalk, you may want to pay attention to the latest news from Martin Lewis. Following December’s inflation statistic, it’s been highlighted that these providers will be raising their broadband rates in the coming months.

What can you expect?

According to reports, customers of BT, EE, and Plusnet can expect a typical increase of 14.4% in April, while Sky will be raising prices by 9%. TalkTalk will also be increasing their rates by 14.2% for non-fixed tariffs. Three broadband customers can expect a smaller increase of 4.5%, while Virgin Media and Vodafone have yet to announce their prices.

There is a more local way!

If you’re concerned about these price hikes and are looking for a better deal on your broadband, Deep Blue can help.

Our team of experts can discuss your options and help you find a more affordable and reliable deal. With FTTP available, you can expect better speeds too!

Simply give us a call on 0333 240 9100 to get started.

Don’t let rising prices hold you back from the fast and reliable broadband you need!

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Improving your connectivity in 2023

If it’s time to upgrade your connectivity services, it’s easy to be put off by thoughts of complicated processes and inconvenient losses of connection during installation – lead times are often much shorter than expected, and we can usually do most of the work for you.

To help you decide on the best digital services for you, here at Deep Blue we only offer services that are needed now, with the option to grow as your business does.

You will have seen lots of news about the upcoming switch-off of the traditional telephone line, and this will see us all migrating to faster connections in the near future to enable us to switch our telephone connections to digital. The stop-sell has already started for this in some areas, so it’s worth bringing the change to the top of your ‘to-do’ list!

Whether you’re upgrading or looking for a new supplier for your broadband connection, the process is easier than you think (see our blog on switching to Deep Blue here).

Upgrading to FTTP

FTTP offers a full fibre optic connection from telephone exchange right to your premises. Offering ultrafast speeds and a reliable connection, FTTP is popular with both businesses and domestic users alike.

Why upgrade?

FTTP, or fibre to the premises, delivers even faster speeds than FTTC. FTTP {link} is a full-fibre connection, replacing all the copper wiring that links your premises to the main telephone exchange. Usually favoured by small and medium businesses, FTTP provides an ultrafast, reliable broadband connection.

Upgrading to FTTC

Usually, an attractive option to smaller businesses. FTTC offers superfast connection speeds, available to both commercial and domestic premises.

Why upgrade?

Fibre to the cabinet broadband, also known as FTTC, can provide faster speeds than ADSL, making it a great choice for small businesses, especially if FTTP isn’t yet available in your area. It uses a combination of traditional copper phone lines and fibre cable to deliver a strong, stable connection. FTTC is now available to the majority of premises in the UK.

Upgrading to digital telephony before the switch-off

Switching from a traditional phone line to a digital voice instantly improves the connectivity and communication capabilities within your business.

Why upgrade?

Upgrading to digital voice services from traditional copper telephone lines opens up a world of useful new features. With digital voice, your broadband and telephone connections become integrated, allowing you to access your phone lines via the internet, from anywhere in the world.

With the switch-off looming this will soon become a necessity.

Did you know, when you take a 3-year internet package from us at Deep Blue, we can supply your new VoIP telephony equipment at a hugely discounted price?

If the above has got you thinking about your connectivity, why not give our office a call on 0333 240 9100 and explore your options? You may even save money too!

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The phone is at the heart of customer communications

In today’s digital world, we expect outstanding customer experience.

For businesses, the telephone is the first point of contact for customers. Missed calls literally mean missing out on new business.

A VoIP solution can help businesses manage calls better so that even when a call is missed, you can effectively get back to the customer and work more efficiently:

  • 66% of customers still prefer voice interactions over digital ones
  • Without effective call management tools, micro-businesses risk losing customers
  • A VoIP solution has all the features of a traditional landline, and so much more
  • A VoIP solution supports voice calls over the internet, minimising disruption to your phone line.

Make and receive calls anytime, anywhere

Businesses are too often tied to a desk phone, having to make a run for it every time the phone rings. With more and more businesses embracing mobility and remote working, it’s critical to have a system that works on any device, anywhere and at any time:

  • Having access to a phone system wherever you are is critical
  • VoIP solutions use the internet connection to make calls, meaning they can be deployed anywhere
  • As cloud-based, VoIP solutions can be downloaded on a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets or mobile phones
  • Business owners and employees don’t have to worry about being in the store or the office to answer calls.

With the upcoming switch off, the chances are you are already thinking about making the change.

This is the gradual process of shifting from an analogue phone line to a digital line, which is made over an internet connection. The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will both be switched off completely by 2025, with stop sell already taking place.

This means both businesses and homeowners will shift to digital voice rather than traditional phone lines, which are carried over copper wiring.

The good news is that the switch-off will allow cheaper, higher-quality phone calls throughout the UK.

Forget missed business, manage costs and make the switch. Call the team at Deep Blue on 0333 240 9100.


Four reasons why your business needs full fibre

For most businesses, an internet connection is an absolute must. From communicating with customers to staying in touch with colleagues or accessing files and applications in the cloud, being online is more important than ever.

But if you’re currently using an old-fashioned copper connection or fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), you might be wondering what all the fuss around full fibre is about and whether you need to bother upgrading.

Here are four good reasons why your business might need full fibre.

1. Reliability

Full fibre connections are generally much more reliable than those that depend on the old copper telephone network. With fibre optic cable running all the way from the exchange to your home or office, you won’t suffer from the same signal loss that blights copper and you should expect your service to work flawlessly for the vast majority of the time.

When being connected is vital – and it usually is – you need a connection you can rely on.

2. Better bandwidth

The world has moved on. That connection that gave your business everything it needed ten years ago is probably no longer up to the task.

As businesses, we’re uploading and downloading more data than ever, our people need a fast, reliable connection, we’re video calling throughout the working day and we need access to our cloud-based office applications.

For a single user, an FTTC connection might suffice, but for busy or growing offices – or those that need the best speed available – full fibre presents a more compelling choice.

3. Communications

If you’re not sure why a full fibre connection is so important for voice communications, we’ve covered that in more detail here.

As the Great British Switch Off takes effect, businesses will need to replace traditional PSTN and ISDN connections. Thankfully, full fibre will provide better quality and a host of additional features to take business communications to another level.

4. Future proof

As the UK relentlessly marches toward full fibre connectivity, simultaneously switching off copper connections, a full fibre connection is a great investment for the future.

It’s coming to us all at some point but getting on board now can make the transition over the next couple of years (as traditional connections are withdrawn) much easier.

Are you ready to make the leap to full fibre? Call 0333 240 9100 or email theteam@deepbluetelecom.co.uk and request more information.


What our customers have to say

Bespoke Home Cinemas offer the definitive solution in design and installation for home cinema and smart home automation systems, all seamlessly integrated to work in harmony within your home at the touch of a button.

Here’s what Melanie had to say about working with Deep Blue:

“Working all over the UK, we needed a solution that connected our on-the-road engineers with the office. Deep Blue has tailored a solution that delivers on all levels. From our initial consultation to the extremely efficient after-care service, we know that we are in safe hands and so glad that we made the move.”

wetherby racecourse

Why would you switch providers?

In a world where broadband is increasingly seen as a commodity, it can be difficult to understand what makes one provider different from any other.

After all, your internet connection is just like anybody else’s right?

Well, not quite…

If you’re debating switching providers then here are a few reasons to work with Deep Blue.

We’re independent

It’s crucial to the way we do business. So, we quickly implement new ideas and products and react to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

It also means we can reinvest our profits into making Deep Blue an even better business. It’s why we’re continually improving and it’s why we’re one of only a handful of providers able to offer true ultrafast connectivity.

We’re 100% UK-based

All our staff are UK-based, the majority working out of our Wetherby HQ. Our support team are highly trained and knowledgeable, so when you call they’ll know what you’re talking about.

We never read from scripts, and the person you speak to on day one will take care of your query through to resolution. How many other providers can truly say that?

We put people first

We’re not interested in cutting corners. Our support team are experts, and their sole concern is providing the best possible experience for all our customers.

We believe in happy customers

It’s not a buzz word, it’s not a slogan, it’s real and it’s how we work.

Of course, keeping customers happy involves providing high performance, reliable products and services, but it also includes the support we provide when things go wrong, the advice we give when you’re weighing up your options and the fact that if it won’t benefit your business, we won’t recommend it. You don’t pay for what you don’t need.

There is much more to great broadband than just your connection.

But it’s not just broadband…

With Deep Blue, you’ll also have access to a range of other products and services. Like VoIP, Business Mobile, Hosted Voice, Structured Cabling, Ethernet leased lines and more.

A snippet of who we work with…

If you’re looking for a great networking and connectivity provider, call our team for a quote today 0333 240 9100 or visit www.deepbluetelecom.co.uk for more information.


UCI World Road Championships in Yorkshire

This is a reminder to all our Yorkshire based customers that the UCI World Road Championships will be taking place at the end of this month. From the 21st to the 29th September there will be road closures throughout Yorkshire to accommodate men’s, women’s and para-cycling events.

On the 21st and 27th of September, the action will be passing right by Deep Blue‘s very own home town of Wetherby!

Details of all the UCI World Road Championships routes and closures can be found on the Yorkshire 2019 UCI website. If you are affected by any of the road closures, or maybe just planning to pop out for a minute to watch the race, remember to plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss out on any important calls.


Copy of Beer Festival Flyer

Wetherby Lions Beer Festival Sponsor

When last orders were called at the annual Wetherby Lions Beer Festival, the two-day event was hailed as a ‘roaring’ success.

Locals and visitors from afar turned out in their hundreds to enjoy the jamboree in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. With a wide variety of craft ales, some great live music, tasty hot food and entertainment for children, they all combined to ensure a fine time was had by all.​

Deep Blue Telecom are proud to sponsor local events such as
The Wetherby Lions Beer Festival

We’ll be at Collingham Real Ale Festival too – see you on 8th-9th June 2019

Wetherby Lions Beer Festival