A message from the Captain

Well, the day arrived on Sunday last, and the weather was kind for the Mascot Gold Cup. This message is to say a very big THANK YOU to the 30 fans who made the trip to the races to cheer on our Superhero, Captain Comms, and particularly to the donations received for our chosen charity: Martin House Children’s Hospice. We set a target of £500, and I’m pleased to say we smashed that figure by raising just shy of £800.

Our Sue Ryder Mascot Gold Cup 2023 page was one of the most successful JustGiving pages last month. Out of thousands of fundraisers, we were in the top 20%. Congratulations to each and every-one of you for raising so much for Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People – you are absolute heroes.

Hero on parade!

So, to the day itself. 81 mascots entered which started with The Mascots Parade, view the parade here. Then some horses did their thing for a couple of races before the Mascot Gold Cup, the highlight of the day. You can see how the race played out here.

Raring to go!

Unfortunately our hero, Captain Comms, was given a massive handicap and was told in no uncertain terms by the race officials that he was not allowed to use any of his super-powers. More like slow, buffering internet rather that the superfast speed the Captain is used to delivering. However, like the gallant hero he is, a top ten finish when last off the blocks was more than commendable. So well done to the thoroughbred inside the costume who took over from the original knackered pit pony!!!

If only he could have used his super powers!

Once again, many thanks for your wonderful support and very best regards,

Ross (on behalf of our superhero, The Captain Comms)


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Captain Comms wants to beat your bill

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