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Deep Blue Telecom Excels as ThreeUK Dominates Mobile Network Performance: Ofcom Highlights

In a recent overview of mobile network performance by Ofcom, in partnership with Opensignal, ThreeUK has demonstrated stellar performance, particularly in 5G. This concise breakdown delves into key insights from the report:

Dominance of Cellular Networks

4G remains the most used, with users on this network 88% of the time. As 3G phases out, the focus shifts to providing extensive 4G coverage. 5G, though new, shows potential with growth expected as 5G SA (Service Assistance) services launch. Wi-Fi continues to be a primary choice, with 62% usage.

5G’s Growing Edge

5G outperforms with a 98.4% data connection success rate, higher download speeds (averaging 129.9 Mbit/s) and almost double the upload speeds of 4G. ThreeUK notably leads in 5G download speeds.


ThreeUK consistently outshines competitors in multiple categories, including top 5G and 4G download speeds. The variance in performance among 3G, 4G, and 5G networks regarding download times of different file sizes was also examined.

Connection Speeds Analysis

ThreeUK presents the fastest average 5G download speed. In terms of upload, 5G averages 14.7 Mbit/s, significantly outpacing 4G’s 7.6 Mbit/s.

Choosing Deep Blue Telecom, bolstered by Three, ensures businesses get optimum mobile technology benefits. With Three ranking top-tier in performance, businesses can expect efficient data access, swift file sharing, and consistent connectivity across the UK. This partnership guarantees an uninterrupted user experience, allowing firms to concentrate on primary tasks and forget network concerns.

Explore how Deep Blue Telecom can empower businesses in the mobile tech sphere. Call our team today, 0333 240 9100 to discuss your mobile options.

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