Openreach announces launch of Optical Spectrum Access

What is Optical Spectrum Access (OSA)?

Optical Spectrum Access (OSA) uses wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to efficiently send multiple signals along an optical bearer (fibre optic cables and equipment). Each optical signal is given its own wavelength, they are sent through the fibre at the same time before being separated out once they reach the destination. Each wavelength can be configured to carry different data or be allocated to specific tasks.

What Options will be available?

OSA 100G single comes as a symmetrical 100GE option or a 10 channel 10GE option. It has a limited number of product options to make it straight forward and accessible.

OSA Filter Connect gives you direct access to the optical path, allowing you to connect your own wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) equipment using the spare filter ports (OR will still manage at least one wavelength).

What are the benefits of OSA?

Being a dedicated fibre connection it offers low latency, high service quality and high levels of security. It also has the shortest lead time of Openreach’s DWDM products.

Because it is designed and planned to the end users brief you are able to customise with multiple wavelength, chassis and interface options.

The option to have direct access means you can tailor and manage the service to how you use it.

OSA for the Market

Openreach have aimed to price OSA to make it a competitive and viable option as the need for data becomes ever greater.

The launch of products like OSA along with the continued roll out of the full fibre network are going to be essential to allow UK businesses to continue to compete in a global market. Especially as more and more of the things we do rely on data and fast connectivity to underpin them.

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