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Optimising communication in the dental industry

Communication plays a crucial role in dental practices. Whether it’s connecting with patients, colleagues, or staff members, having a reliable and feature-rich telephone system is essential for efficient operations and exceptional patient care.

The Challenge

Dental practices face the challenge of maintaining high-quality communication while ensuring resilience and disaster recovery capabilities. In an industry where patient care is of the essence, a functional phone system is indispensable.

Working with patients who rely on their dental care, having a feature-rich telephony system becomes essential.

With dentists often engaged with patients who need their full attention, missed calls from other patients in need can be a serious problem, and quick response times are critical.

Comprehensive call reporting to monitor performance and maximise patient care is a must to ensure you are providing the quality of care you promise.

Calls must be seamlessly connected, regardless of their location. Flexibility is vital, alongside a range of features that enable dentists to work effectively and provide optimal care.

Why Choose Deep Blue for your Dental Practice?

Cost savings on support

Deep Blue offers an intuitive administration interface that empowers administrators to make changes easily with just a few clicks.

Call reporting tools

Dental practices can monitor staff, identify areas for training, and make call routing adjustments when necessary.

Call recording

For quality monitoring and training purposes, Deep Blue allows dental practices to record calls to ensure exceptional care and service.

Smartphone app

Dentists can make and receive calls using their own personal direct dial number from anywhere. This ensures they can be reached anytime, anywhere, streamlining communication.


Inbound calls can be received on a dentist’s mobile device, ensuring they never miss an important call.

Music and messages on hold

Enhance your dental practice’s professional image by playing music and informative messages for callers on hold. An auto-attendant feature ensures clients can quickly reach the appropriate department.

Establish a local presence

Deep Blue offers the option to purchase local rate numbers, providing dental practices with a local presence when communicating with patients and colleagues.

The dental industry thrives on reliable and flexible telephony systems, and Deep Blue delivers just that. To learn more about how Deep Blue can transform communication in your dental practice, call 0333 240 9100 today.

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