Maximising Sales for Estate Agencies

In the highly competitive real estate industry, estate agencies rely on a dependable telephony system to meet their sales targets effectively. With the fast-paced nature of property transactions, swift and reliable communication is paramount to secure sales. Deep Blue offers comprehensive telephony solutions tailored specifically for estate agencies, empowering them to optimise their operations and maximise profitability.

The Challenge:

Estate agencies face numerous daily pressures, demanding a telephony system that can rise to the occasion. Whether it’s buying, renting, or selling properties, seamless and rapid communication is critical. In a market where potential buyers and tenants are actively searching for properties, missing a call can mean losing a valuable opportunity. Similarly, delayed contact with sellers could result in them choosing a competitor, directly impacting your bottom line. For larger agency networks with multiple offices, centralised call management becomes essential to efficiently handle call plans. Additionally, when multiple office locations are involved, ensuring clients can reach the appropriate office promptly becomes crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Furthermore, call recording is indispensable in this sector, enabling accurate documentation and avoiding costly delays caused by miscommunication or inaccurate fee quotes. As estate agents are often on the move, attending appointments and viewings, the ability to make and receive calls while remaining mobile is vital for maximising efficiency and securing sales.

Deep Blue Solution:

Deep Blue recognises the unique telephony needs of estate agencies and provides the essential tools to drive success. Our hosted phone system offers the following benefits:

Rapid Call Handling

With our reliable telephony solution, calls are swiftly connected, ensuring no opportunities are missed in the fast-paced real estate market.

Centralised Call Management

For agency networks with multiple offices, our system offers a centralised portal to efficiently manage call plans across all locations, streamlining operations and enhancing coordination.

Efficient Office Routing

Clients can easily reach the appropriate office without delay, facilitating seamless communication and improving customer satisfaction.

Call Recording

Our system includes comprehensive call recording capabilities, enabling accurate documentation of important details and preventing potential errors that could disrupt the buying process and impact profits.

Mobile Flexibility

Estate agents can seamlessly make and receive calls while on the go, maximising productivity and responsiveness.

Deep Blue’s hosted phone system equips estate agencies with the necessary telephony tools to operate successfully in today’s competitive market. By ensuring reliable communication, streamlined operations, and enhanced flexibility, our solution empowers estate agencies to achieve their sales targets and drive growth.

Call the team for more information on 0333 240 9100.

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Time is ticking to make the switch!

As technology advances, the traditional phone network is undergoing a major transformation. The way we used to make a call will soon come to an end as we switch to a fully digital network offering all-IP, fibre-based services.

This will affect you both in business and at home.

Here are five compelling reasons why you should already be considering making the switch.

Customer Experience

Don’t let the impending switch-off leave your business disconnected! Take action now to safeguard your existing phone number and brand identity, which customers have come to recognise and trust.


As the switch-off looms ahead, it is imperative to make the move to Digital Voice. Harness the power of modern fast fibre broadband, guaranteeing flawless, high-quality calls while eliminating the risks of manual failures. Act swiftly and secure crystal-clear communication.


Deep Blue’s advanced solutions empower you to take your business with you, providing a wide array of features to enhance your communication capabilities. From user management, allowing you to efficiently handle and customise your team’s communication settings, to call logging that ensures comprehensive records for future reference, Deep Blue has you covered.


Future-proof your communication infrastructure while maximising your budget, enabling your business to thrive in the digital age.


Say goodbye to the complexities of physical infrastructure adjustments. With the flexibility of digital telephony, you can instantly scale up or down to accommodate your evolving communication requirements.

By adopting these solutions, you can enhance your business communication and collaboration, enabling your employees to perform their jobs more efficiently. This, in turn, fosters increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover the benefits of business communications from Deep Blue and find the right solution for your business by calling our team on 0333 240 9100.


Fluke testing

Fluke testing, never heard of it? No, me neither! Thankfully that’s why we have a team of highly skilled engineers working with us here at Deep Blue so when one of our customers needed fluke testing completing as part of a job we were able to help.

Have you ever wondered how engineers ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of network infrastructures? Well, Fluke testing equipment is their secret weapon!

Fluke testing helps validate, troubleshoot, and optimise network performance like never before. It’s like having a superhero for your network!

These tests can help you diagnose connectivity issues, identify faulty connections, and verify cable integrity. No more wasting hours trying to figure out why your network is misbehaving!

Network analysers can help ensure your network is running at its optimal speed, capacity, and reliability. Say goodbye to slow internet and frustrating lag times!

Oh, and did you know Fluke tests with thermal imaging cameras can even help detect hidden heat-related problems in your network infrastructure? Talk about futuristic troubleshooting!

So, whether you’re an IT professional or just someone who loves seamless network connectivity, Fluke testing is a game-changer! It ensures that your network is operating flawlessly and keeps everything running smoothly.

If you think your business could benefit from this network super hero then contact us today to find out more and book your fluke testing appointment!


Ofcom victim of third party Cyber attack

Ofcom has confirmed that they were one of the victims of the cyber attack on MOVEit.

MOVEit provides software for moving sensitive files, such as payroll and banking information. Following the attack, confidential data of several companies that Ofcom regulates, as well as personal information of over 400 of their employees was downloaded.

The attack occurred when MOVEit was breached by hackers exploiting a critical vulnerability in their software.

In a statement, Ofcom said:

A limited amount of information about certain companies we regulate – some of it confidential – along with personal data of 412 Ofcom employees, was downloaded during the attack.

The security of commercially confidential and sensitive personal information provided to Ofcom is taken extremely seriously.

We took immediate action to prevent further use of the MOVEit service and to implement the recommended security measures. We also swiftly alerted all affected Ofcom-regulated companies, and we continue to offer support and assistance to our colleagues.

No Ofcom systems were compromised during the attack.

The attack just goes to highlight that any company, no matter the size or job they do, can fall victim to these kinds of attacks.