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Streamlining your business communications in 2023

Less is often more, but in this case we do have to put into words the importance of the information below, so have a read and let us have your questions.

Choosing the right tools and technology to boost productivity, achieve employee satisfaction, and improve customer experience is essential in today’s world where communications and collaboration are key components of business success (primarily due to the growing reliance on remote and hybrid working practices).

Communications technology has grown and improved rapidly, going from a nice-to-have to a must-have in order to continue operations (highlighted more during the pandemic).

As we continue to adapt to this new reality, it may be time to consider if your communication solutions are suited to the demands of your business and the hybrid working era.

Bringing everything under one roof

We have all been there, our telephones with Bloggs, while our broadband connection is with Smith and all IT is run by Jones. All devices and services need each other to work but which one do you contact when one goes wrong?? You can feel caught up in a game of cat and mouse, as Jones blames Smith, Smith says it must be Bloggs and Bloggs insists it has to be Smith, etc!

You may have heard the phrase, Integrated voice solutions? Put simply, these are a type of communication solution that allows companies to manage all of their communications in one place – heaven right!

From VoIP calls, messages, broadband, mobiles, cabling and more, these unified solutions fully integrate all communications into one platform, while cloud telephony focuses on the voice aspects, and delivers telephone calls and other communication services over the Internet instead of through traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) technologies.

With the switch off looming, you should be already thinking about reassessing your telephone supply, and potentially making the move (read more about this here).

If the above has made streamlining your business your number one New Year’s resolution, changing providers is easier than you think….

Why work with us?

The fact is that having the ability to make and receive calls, access data and business documents, and get online is crucial for every business. In a world where broadband is increasingly seen as a commodity, it can be difficult to understand what makes one provider different from any other.

Making changes when you have an established business is always difficult, this is especially true when it comes to something as critical as your telecoms.

That’s why here at Deep Blue we look after the complicated side of your communications, from the initial installation to ongoing support.

Our services are built bespoke to you and designed to make your business communications easier to manage, administrate and cost. What’s more, we only offer services that you need right now, with the functionality to grow as your business does, so you stay in complete control.

With Deep Blue, you’ll also have access to a range of other products and services. Like VoIP, Business Mobile, Hosted Voice, Structured Cabling, Ethernet leased lines and more (read more about working with Deep Blue here).

If you’re looking for a great networking and connectivity provider (and streamlining your business in 2023), call our team for a no obligation quote today 0333 240 9100 or visit www.deepbluetelecom.co.uk for more information.


Christmas with Deep Blue

To assist in your forward planning and avoid delays during our busy period, please see below our December opening hours:

Friday, 23rd December – Closed from 12pm
Monday, 26th December – Boxing Day, Closed
Tuesday, 27th December – Bank Holiday, Closed
Wednesday, 28th December – Closed
Thursday, 29th December – Closed
Friday, 30th December – Closed
Monday 2nd January – Bank Holiday, Closed
Tuesday 3rd January – Open as usual from 9am

During the festive shut-down, EMERGENCY SUPPORT is available to our customers. Please call 0333 240 9100 to leave a message and a member of our team will be in touch.

There is no time like the ‘present’

It’s the time of year when staff holidays, festive shutdowns and events start to fill up your diaries. It’s worth thinking about what days and hours your office will be open.

What will you do when the office is closed?

Will you send calls to voicemail, leave a message to say you are shut, or do you need to divert your calls for emergencies?

Have you thought about how you will notify your customers of your Festive opening hours?

Will your staff be working from home?

Many of our services offer a range of options to manage your calls during this time. Some like InBound and Horizon can even have schedules created so that numbers divert automatically.

Broadband slower than normal? Christmas lights are a must to bring a little sparkle to the festivities, but did you know this could affect your broadband?

Stay safe from scams. Telephone scams target both business and residential customers. Check out our top tips to help you stay scam safe.

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Latest postal strikes that may cause possible delays in our deliveries

Royal Mail workers have announced further strike dates which could mean delays in our deliveries.

When will these take place?

14th December

15th December

23rd December

24th December

How does this affect you?

Royal Mail state they will be doing all that they can to keep services running, but customers can expect significant disruption. There will also be a notable impact on the delivery services in the days following the industrial action due to the backlog that it will create.

What to expect

As always, we are working closely with our third-party providers to mitigate impacts where it may be possible, but unfortunately, there could be delivery delays during and after the industrial action.

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Stay Scam Safe with our top tips

Telephone scams, which target both business and residential customers, are always a nuisance. Here are some top tips to help you stay scam safe:

Don’t trust the number on the display

Scammers are able to present numbers to make it appear like they are calling from the company they are claiming to call from. A legitimate company will always be happy for you to end the call and call them back.

If you answer a call and it is an automated message giving you the option to press a key to call back: don’t!

You have no way of verifying what number you will then be connected to. This leaves you unable to verify if you are being connected to the organisation or company that the call claims to be from. You may also end up with a large bill – many scams use this method to route you on to a premium rate number which generates charges that go straight into the scammers pockets.

If you do decide to call a company back, ideally call from an alternative number

If this is not possible then it is best to wait a while before using your line to dial out. Scammers have been known to keep lines open so you think you are dialing out to the legitimate organisation, but instead are still talking to them. They have even been known to play dummy dial tones down the line.

Never allow these callers to talk you through installing anything on your computer

Deep Blue and many other companies do, on occasion, use remote desktop facilities to carry out work on customer’s behalf. We will never contact you out of the blue to do this. This is only ever done on a prearranged basis. If remote works are needed we will agree a date and time with you in advance and give you details of the engineer who will be contacting you.

Deep Blue will never call you asking for immediate payment over the phone

If an invoice should fall overdue we will send notification to the registered accounts contact advising them of this, along with details on how they can pay.

Deep Blue will never threaten to immediately cease your service due to payment or usage issues.

We always endeavour to work with our customers to resolve issues before they reach the point of having their service suspended. On the rare occasions that we do have to suspend a service we always provide written notice of this before it happens, along with details of how to prevent this from happening.

Use the resources available to you to Stay Scam Safe

If you are using a landline: make sure you have registered for TPS. This can’t stop all nuisance calls getting through to you but it can reduce the number. For customers on the Horizon platform, the blacklist can be used to block nuisance numbers. Check with your provider to see what kind of fraud protection services they have in place.

At Deep Blue we work with our carriers to provide a range of added safety services on our lines as standard. These services monitor your call traffic and can alert us to any suspicious activity. They can even automatically apply temporary call barring to limit your exposure should you get hacked or scammed.

To discuss your telecoms, contact us at theteam@deepbluetelecom.co.uk or on 0333 240 9100. If you would like to know more on how to stay scam safe, the Met police have a number of resources available like their Little Booklet of Phone Scams.


Broadband Self-Help – A Video Guide

Broadband Self-Help

We know connecting remotely is important for everyone, so it’s frustrating when it isn’t working properly.

But what do you do if things go wrong?

If your broadband isn’t working, this Openreach Broadband Self-Help video offers simple checks and tweaks that might help you sort things out.

Of course, we are always here to support you should you need it.

Broadband Self-Help