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SoGEA – jargon buster.

You will see the phrase SoGEA used more and more but do you understand what it means and the benefits it can bring to your business? In this article we explain all and in plain English.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

Now, you only need to place one order with Deep Blue for your broadband data service. Traditional phone line installation is not needed, which lowers your costs!

It delivers the same performance and data rates as FTTC broadband, using the same infrastructure and has the same geographic availability, future-proofing connectivity as the UK moves to an all-IP network.

The Benefits

Cut Costs

Because you are only paying for a broadband data connection, your monthly costs will be power as the landline rental cost is no longer included.

Deal with only one provider

With our SoGEA solution everything comes from us and you are no longer tied into a landline contract with someone else.

Increased reliability

We use an established network without the addition of a phone line so the chance of interference or an unstable connection is lower.

Great for homeworking

Having access to the same infrastructure as FTTC broadband gives you peace of mind that when you need to work at home, it won’t be the broadband holding you back!

Future-proof connectivity

The analogue network as we know it has reached its end of life. Everyone will be affected by the switch off, with many exchanges already under notice as the UK prepares for the move to full fibre.

Learn more about how streamlining your services could also save you money, call 0333 240 9100 or email theteam@deepbluetelecom.co.uk

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