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How do you keep your business competitive?

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) rapidly halting the world of work as we knew it, we have seen many businesses looking at different ways to remain competitive.

It is every small businesses dream for their company to thrive in a competitive environment, therefore now so more than ever, businesses must move towards a more modern way of working to remain at the top of their game – whatever life throws at it.

Added to this, we’ll be saying goodbye to the old telephone network too when the switch off comes into effect. When you consider that 16 million lines and channels will need to be migrated to alternative products it’s worth starting to look at other options sooner rather than later. See our article on how hosted telephony works here

 Here are our 4 top tips…

1 – Consolidate communications

Landlines, mobile, voice, video, text… Look at consolidating and streamlining them, to deliver a consistent service to customers no matter how they make contact. One provider. One bill.

2 – Simplify collaboration

Empower your employees anywhere and everywhere by giving them tools that support collaborative working. The ability to share information and work on data together allows them to be more productive and helpful to your clients. 

3 – Think outside the office

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, and you need reliable ways to stay connected with your team. Seamlessly communicate using the most appropriate channel at any given moment, no matter where you are in the world. It will also help you to meet employee demands for increased flexible working.

4– Free up IT budget for strategic projects

Take the opportunity to consider how much of your current IT spend is “dead money”, propping up systems that frustrate your employees and limit productivity. What is the cumulative cost of IT spend and lost productivity? This will help you properly quantify the benefits of future investment in comms and collaboration tools.


If you wish to remain competitive in this ever-evolving environment, your company will need to make some necessary changes. Or more specifically, the ability to embrace and support regular change, in line with shifting consumer demands and priorities. The backbone of any such system is your communications, the ability to keep data flowing wherever it is required – and to assist your team to work more effectively and efficiently.

Learn about the benefits and how your business can improve its communication. We offer a no-obligation quote, so what have you got to lose?

Call 0333 240 9100 or email theteam@deepbluetelecom.co.uk

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