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5 ways gigabit internet can boost the creative industry

The creative industry has always pushed the boundaries of technology, using it in new and fantastic ways to create experiences and art. However, with over 40% of businesses complaining about poor broadband speeds, it seems that some workplaces are not taking full advantage of the one technology that can underpin all their activities: Full fibre internet.

Here are just five reasons why a gigabit speed line can give your studio a boost.

Instant file transfer

Most agencies on an unreliable connection will understand the pain of watching a 10Gb file being transferred to a client, seeing the dreaded buffer icon spin round ever so slowly… or not at all. Speed matters in your business, and having to add hours to any process due to poor internet is a burden you can do without.

Full fibre enables download and, crucially for creatives, upload speeds of up to 1000Mbps, meaning even the largest files will take a matter of minutes to transfer. Your staff will be relieved that transfer times will no longer dictate their projects, and your clients will be happy with quicker turnarounds. Don’t let a poor internet connection impact your business ever again.

Cloud storage

One of the most widely adopted cloud applications is storage. Hosting your files online can be cost-effective and secure, but often these storage options are used for weekly or monthly backups as opposed to day-to-day filing systems. Over a slow connection however, retrieving files online or syncing your library can grind any other online operations to a halt.

With gigabit speed transfers from your machine to the cloud, online storage options can offer instantaneous access to all the libraries in your office, without impacting on performance. A good cloud storage system can foster greater collaboration in the company, and add efficiency to your working processes, with the company’s assets always at your fingertips.

Smooth collaboration

Collaboration is the heart and soul of the creative industries, and as our world increasingly moves online, making the most of the digital tools available can help your business stand out from the crowd.

The massive bandwidth available through a full fibre connection will improve the performance of all your online collaborations, be it working on the same document as a freelancer across the city, or talking through wireframes with your clients in Hong Kong. Glitches, delays and dropouts will be a thing of the past.

Cloud processing applications

Creating content digitally is becoming ever-more power intensive. As the sector naturally reaches for the next best thing, the processing power needed to achieve good results climbs higher and higher. For some businesses, purchasing a room full of new hardware is not always financially, or spatially possible.

That’s where the cloud comes in. Online processing facilities allow you to take advantage of massive power at a fraction of the cost. An ultrafast connection lets you quickly send your files for processing, and download them rapidly once completed. These facilities take advantage of the latest hardware in the industry as and when it’s available, so you don’t have to. Save yourself money and space by working smarter, not harder.

Client communication

Clear communication between you and your client is of paramount importance to keep your clients informed and happy. So, when it comes to presenting your ideas to someone over an online presentation or video call, the last thing you need are constant interruptions. Video calls and presentations can be one of the most effective ways to present to clients from the comfort of your office, but not when a poor internet connection keeps interrupting it.

Reliable, full fibre internet can allow you to make HD quality video and VoIP calls, and present your ideas in their best light. They can also save you money both on travel costs, and on traditional telephone line rental.

A state-of-the-art internet connection can deliver the benefits listed above and more. Cloud applications which update instantly in the background; remote access to allow more flexible working; Internet-of-things integrations and machine learning.

A studio running on a gigabit connection simply runs better, giving your staff the best possible tools for the job, and giving potential recruits something to savour. Your clients, your staff, and your pockets will thank you for it.

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