Planned Works on Horizon

Routine planned upgrade works are due to be carried out on the Horizon portal on Wednesday 26th February between 8pm and midnight. Access to the Horizon portal is expected to be lost for five minutes at some point during the works.

Ofcom leaves users free to switch

Thanks to new Ofcom rules, users will now be able to exit mobile, landline or broadband contracts without facing penalties if the monthly price is increased.

Providers will now have to give at least 30 days notice of any increase in monthly subscription prices to end users. If the user then decides to switch, they will not have to pay any termination charges. The rules will also apply if the provider keeps the monthly price the same but decreases the number of minutes/amount of data included in the package.

The change follows Ofcom’s investigations of over 1000 complaints, which found that many providers had increased their prices having originally promised ‘fixed-price’ deals.

MBORC Update







The wind did blow, the rain did pour.

MBORC declared on another four.

This means North & Mid Wales, Shrewsbury, Truro and Swansea.

Have extended provision appointment availability.

MBORC Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control

Once again the UK has been battered by severe weather, from gale force winds and torrential rain to high tides and flooding, this has caused major damage to telephone lines above and below ground. Openreach have declared MBORC in the areas listed below and are battling to make repairs and restore normal service as soon as possible.

MBORC: Cumbria, Mid Wales and Shrewsbury, Swansea, Truro, Belfast and Province, North Wales, East Downs, Central Downs, West Downs, Esher, Croydon and Crayford.