Openreach – Lead Time Latest!

If you are planning extra telephone lines or services, our advice is plan ahead. Following on from the bad weather throughout Britain in December, the workload of Openreach (BT’s engineering arm) has vastly increased and the result is a backlog that will continue for some time to come.

The latest update confirmed that provision lead times remain high with Northern England having the worst case average of 30.84 working days. So if you are planning to extend your services or move offices, call us as soon as possible to book ahead.

If you have a fault that needs repairing, the news is much better as the company is using contractual overtime and postponing engineer training to bring the workload down and reduce waiting times. The impact of this is a wait of around one and half days, although a worst case of 5 days has been recorded in Wales.

As usual, contact our office as soon as you notice a fault and we will report it straight away and keep you fully informed of progress.

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