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Severe Weather Damage

Due to the strong winds and heavy rain, some areas of the country are experiencing service issues resulting from damage to overhead cabling and flooding. Openreach are working to carry out all of the repairs however this does mean that the work stack is higher than normal and as such lead times for other jobs…

Openreach latest

With improvements in the weather, there are now no areas of the country where MBORC applies to all jobs, however the following areas: West Scotland Newcastle and Northumberland Tyneside, Durham and Wearside Tees Valley North East Scotland Tayside & Fife South East Scotland Northern Ireland are still under MBORC for FAULT REPAIRS.

Openreach latest

While there are some changes to the areas under MBORC, overall the picture is pretty much the same; weather is causing higher than usual number of faults, mobility is affected, there is a backlog to clear and more bad weather is expected. As it currently stands, the following areas are still under MBORC for ALL…