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Our predictions for 2016 – By Ross Knapman

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OK, it’s that time when we all begin to focus, look ahead and determine the changes we make within our business for the year ahead. In the world of telecoms, these changes are fast-moving and vast. At Deep Blue, we enjoy keeping up-to-date with technology developments, so we thought we would share some of the trends and predictions we anticipate for 2016:

Cloud based technology and applications will continue to grow as business owners recognise the advantages. Further demand for joined up voice anywhere such as the office, home and out and about, as well as hosted IT services and video calling, will increase as improved broadband creates less reliance on traditional telephony hardware. Business by business, area by area, how we work will continue to evolve with technical development and improving upload speeds.

We will become more mobile than ever (although there’s plenty of room for improvement!). We should see continued expansion of applications and tools allowing us to interact with each other via mobile devices, home-based electronics and automotive tools. There’s even a term for this “The Digital Mesh”…not Mess!!

IoT (Internet of Things) and wearable technologies will continue their rise and with a combination of new robotics and AIS (Artificial Intelligence Solutions) we should see this development go mainstream in 2016.

Big Data will become even more relevant as we see a shift from connected devices to intelligent devices (i.e. computing capabilities). For example, Pizza Hut is testing the world’s first ‘subconscious menu’ using eye-tracking technology to predict the customer choices.

New players, with lots of financial muscle and no experience just looking for the quick win continue to be disruptive to both the industry and customer. We have seen it all before, but it won’t stop it happening. Remember, modern telecommunications is now a service industry and not about selling on low price.

With on-going growth in digitalization and IoT there will be an increase in security threats and hacks, unfortunately, this looms over all business today. As such, there will be an increased focus on detecting and responding to these threats faster than ever as well as the introduction of more efficient blocking measures.

Economic volatility will continue to be a factor, so any product like Cloud telephony that reduces, or even eliminates, upfront capital outlay will be in demand. Customer confidence will be a key driver to continued recovery.

Buying habits will continue to be driven by technology with 2015 statistics suggesting that most people complete 57% of the purchase process before even engaging with suppliers. We believe this percentage will continue to increase during 2016.

Despite the challenges out there, the telecoms industry continues to be resilient and adaptive, growing and changing, as demand requires. At Deep Blue we take this ethos to heart, providing customer specific solutions that can change to the world around them. So if your New Year’s resolution is to overhaul your telecoms, why not give Deep Blue a call (0333 240 9100) today.

And who would have thought… we used to sell phones and fax machines a few years ago…Happy New Year!!

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