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Analogue PSTN and Multi-line

Analogue PSTN – From supporting ADSL to connecting a PDQ machine, from linking your alarm system to providing emergency contact in a lift – chances are your business still needs an analogue PSTN even if you don’t use it for calls. Deep Blue can provide you with a brand new PSTN for less than the cost from BT. We can also take over the management of your existing lines so you have one bill, one number to contact and one great customer service team to help you.

Multi-line – Multi-lines allow you to bundle together analogue PSTN lines to give you multiple lines with just one number and without the outlay associated with ISDN lines and systems. Fast being overtaken by feature rich hosted VoIP systems; multi-lines still have a place for those in areas without the necessary broadband speeds for VoIP. Talk to Deep Blue to get a full review of your set up and to see all the options available to your business.


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